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Honda 1996

i live in birmingham al i had a wreck in my car two years ago i was on the free way and it was raining real hard i could not see i hit a truck but i only have libable insurance on the car i went to see about getting it fix they wanted 4 thousand dollar to fix it it not worth that much i want to buy another honda like a 2002 -2005 honda accord 4 doors for 6 thousand dollar where can i get one or another brand for that price

For a private offered car try Craigslist.

I’m guessing that you have just found out how well Honda’s hold their value. To me, that means they are an excellent value for people who buy new every couple of years, not so good for the used car purchaser. In your price range you might get a 2005 Malibu, which is a very good car in its own right, but I doubt you will get a 2005 Honda Accord for that.