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Holiday present of AAA Card

Does an AAA road card qualify as a Christmas present in your opinion? My guy told my sister, who immediately told me, that he is giving me a triple a Card for Christmas. I am quietly horrified. What do you think???

Dianne in Scituate

Well, now you know…sorry…

Perhaps the OP can explain for us why she is…“horrified”…at this gift.
Does someone’s attempt to keep her more secure really qualify as a terrible gift?

What is your idea of a good gift?

Maybe it is…depending.

Have you estblished a track record of needing his or others assistance on a regular basis ?
Have you racked up any sufficient bills that would have been reduced had you had one before ?
Are you OFTEN out on the road away from friends’ assistance like work and family out of town travel ?
Does you regular auto insurance NOT cover road side assistance ?

I can think back when my kids were at home and driving…if it weren’t for ME , they sure could have benefitted from having one themselves.
Then we had a renter who was calling me so often I made sure she had one when she moved on.

If I didn’t work here at a car shop with friends and co-workers with wreckers and tools…I would definitely have one too.

You might end up really liking it if you have to use it.

I have been a member for 30 years and we get our money`s worth. This summer I hit a sharp object that put a puncture into my tire on a busy expressway. The nearest exit was a mile and I got there without loosing all the air. The tire turned out to be destroyed.

The wheel lugs were so tight that I could not use the jack, and had to call the AAA who showed up shortly, changed my tire and I was on my way. Phoning a tow truck would have cost at least $60.

We get free road maps, travel advice and reduce rates at a number of business establishments, like hotels. You also get free stuff from the British Royal Automobile Club (RAC) if you show your card.

I think a AAA card is a wonderful Christmas gift. I used to have an AMOCO motor club card. It came in handy when I was in my second round of graduate school. I didn’t have the time nor the place to work on the car. There was an AMACO station just off campus that I relied on for jump starts and repair work to keep me going. I now have a AAA card. A couple of years ago I had a blowout on the left front tire on a busy interstate. There was no way that I was going to change the tire in heavy traffic. I called AAA on my cell phone. They said that they would be there in a hour. The driver arrived in 20 minutes. The flashing lights on the truck gave good warning to traffic. He had a jack and impact wrench powered by a compressor in the truck. He had the spare installed in 5 minutes and we were on our way. That one incident made AAA worth the price. As a gift, I think a AAA card is great.

We just had a similar discussion about new tires here recently. I assume you’re looking for something more romantic than practical. I won’t comment on your priorities there, as that’s your business. I will point out that there’s a romantic aspect to your guy wanting you to be safer if you do break down when he’s not around.

As far as practical gifts go, this one seems fine to me. The discounts alone are worthwhile, not only on hotels and rental cars but also on things like travel accessories at the AAA office or the nice VIP coupon books that you can get at many outlet centers. Their travel information is still useful, although not as much as in the past when resources like TripAdvisor weren’t available. I keep my membership for these two reasons, even though I’ve used the roadside assistance only once.

As long as he does not expect you to pay for it, why worry? Would you be any more or less happy if they give you the questioner nothing?

I figure any gift is better than nothing.

I wouldn’t consider an AAA card a good gift, especially from a romantic partner, but you have to understand something about men. We’re all total idiots about these kind of things … lol … so maybe you will have to cut him some slack. And maybe the AAA card is just a stocking stuffer.

Next year, suggest — many time if need be, men don’t listen that good — that if he chooses to give a card, a Tiffany’s gift card may be a better choice.

This gift was probably thought of with the best of intentions. It’s quite likely the boyfriend has concerns about you being stranded out in an increasingly crazy world and this is his way of thinking about your safety above all else.

Diamonds are nice I suppose; unless you’re stranded all alone in a bad locale.

I dropped AAA when they started promoting their political stance on an item that I did not agree with them on. I worte them a letter explaining why they were not getting any more of my money. They do a LOT of lobbying. Are they on your side?

I don’t need AAA’s maps with the GPS on my cell phone and a good Rand McNally atlas that my insurance company gives me annually. I have AARP for discounts on lodging and other items.

Having roadside assistance on my car’s insurance costs me $5 a year, paid in two $2.50 installments. I’ve used it a couple of times. I suppose it as paid for itself.

Would I consider an AAA card to be a good gift? Not if I disagreed with their political stances.

It’s a gift! Be pleased and genuinely appreciative of ALL gifts.

And what’s up with your sister not keeping the secret?

He’s given you a gift that shows that he not only cares about you but has bought you something that will help keep you safe and well. You cannot buy a better gift than that.

However, I tip my hat to George’s comment. He makes an excellent point.

When I reached into my stocking Christmas morning, which I hung by the chimney with care Christmas eve, I pulled out a a coupon book for pre-paid car washes that Santa Claus brought me. Since I like to keep my 4Runner clean, I liked what Santa brought.

Mrs. Triedaq