Holden ve Berlina 2007

hey so recently I’ve got a timing chain replaced and my engine still makes this cranking grinding noise everytime I turn the ignition on only COLD starts when the motor is warm it will start up fine no problems but after leaving the car off for about 4 hrs it’s does it again

What does your mechanic think is noise issue? He can hear the car. We can’t… have heard of Holden. Australia?

On of the callers on a recent Car Talk podcast (2019 series) had a very similar problem Unfortunately I don’t recall what Ray and Tom thought the problem was. You may be able to look through the 2019 program descriptions and find it.

Were I to venture a guess, I’d be looking at these things first

  • starter motor needs to be shimmed w/respect to the ring gear
  • starter motor gear/ring gears damaged
  • if an automatic trans, damaged flex plate
  • if manual trans and you are depressing clutch pedal at same time, faulty throw-out bearing
  • faulty starter motor