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HOLD Light

My mom has a 1994 Mazada Protege and the HOLD Light came on then the car stalled and now the car will go into reverse not drive any ideas???

IIRC, the “Hold” light is related to the functioning of the automatic transmission.
If that recollection is correct, that indication coupled with non-functioning reverse gear makes it seem pretty obvious that you have transmission problems.

First, check the level, color and smell of the transmission fluid. If it is somewhat low, refill it to the “full” mark with the correct spec fluid. If the car then functions correctly, take it to an independent transmission shop when convenient to determine the extent of the leak in the transmission. If the fluid level was very low, that means that the friction surfaces in the trans may have been badly damaged, and in this case, the car needs to go to an independent trans shop immediately.

If the fluid is any color other than red, and/or has a burned smell, then the car needs to go immediately to an independent transmission shop for evaluation.

In any event, this transmission needs attention. Please post back with the results of your checking of the transmission dipstick for further advice.