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Hitting redline for a few seconds, bad for old engine?

No doubt it is a small chance, I as much said so in my original post. The point was that there are potential issues no one was pointing out.

Regardless, considering this site is basically frequented by people who can’t find a dipstick, you shouldn’t be surprised that kind of detail has been absent…

My engine blew up, who is to blame?

Try going to more serious venues where the actual causes are discussed…

When I normally merge (usually going from 20-35mph to 60-75mph)…the acceleration doesn’t go past 2600rpm. Since I owned the car since last year (car has only 59k miles), I don’t think I’ve ever pushed past 2800rpm before and I always get the oil changes at 3000 miles.

Unfortunately, today also I had to push to 4000rpm :slight_smile:

I don’t think pushing it to 4,000 RPMs is going to hurt anything. I think 4,000 RPMs might make more noise than you’re used to, but it’s well within the car’s design limit.