Driving too hard?

Hi guys I have a 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS with about 151,000 miles on it. And it’s an auto. I recently took it to about 5.3K rpms on a stretch and it occurred to me that I might be pushing the engine a little too hard. My oil was all fine, and the engine was plenty warm, I had been driving for about 10 minutes but still. I also don’t do this too much maybe like 1-2 times/month but I sort of get paranoid about these things. Thoughts?

Isn’t redline about 6000 rpm? You should be OK.

Had a friends dad, flying tiger and motor head afficianado, flew to indie time trials with him, his quote it never hurts a good engine to go fast, Then he had to get one rebuilt. Don’t play with fire, fire will burn you. Osibisa song.

You have a rev limiter. I usually stay under 5,000 rpm but you shouldn’t have to worry about 5,300.

Yeah redline is at like 6000 rpms, I just like the boxer sound at that level but it occurs to me that I should chill with it. Also for context it was at that high rpms for like 1 second then I let off immediately. I’m just trying not to spin a bearing or seriously damage the engine from doing something dumb like revving it up too much.

One second at 5,300 RPM is insignificant with a car in reasonable condition. I shift at 5,000 RPMs a few times a day. My belief is that if you can’t trust your vehicle for a few laps around the track how can you trust it on a 3,000 mile trip?

Perfectly, totally harmless. You can sleep well tonight… or at least you won’t have this to worry about.

What driving conditions require the engine to rev to 5,000+ rpms? I have driven some tweeky engines that are gutless below 3,000 rpm and require pushing near redline when merging into 70 mph traffic but always considered Subarus to be tuned for ‘family’ driving.

Mine goes over 5K routinely while passing on the highway, getting up to speed on the on ramp, and sometimes getting through traffic.

It’s ok with me.

My 2002 Sienna is redlined around 6300. Often when accelerating into traffic, it hits 5300 or so, then shifts. It has 218,000 or so, so I am assuming it doesn’t hurt it. I also like the sound of that motor at 5300, but I don’t rev it for the sound.

Come to think of it, I used to drive through the Hill country in Texas. Running up one of those long hills at 70 in second, I am pretty sure it was running well over 5000. Ran like a clock, and no heat rise. Loved it.

Hehe. I get higher than that on every shift in my MR2. Heck, half the time I get higher than that on every shift in my TL. A good engine in good shape won’t care how high you rev it as long as you don’t go past redline.

You will, however, take it a little on the chin at the gas pump.