Highlander rocks back and forth

I have a 2007 Highlander Hybrid. After I stop and put the car in park, the car has started to rock back and forth, from front to back (not side to side). I have to make sure that no one opens the doors to get out before this stops. This will also happen is someone backs into the car while parking. What is causing this?

Does it do this when the ‘parking brake’ is engaged?

I think so. I tested this by stopping, putting the car in park, then putting the parking brake on, and then taking my foot off the brake, and it still happened.

It definitely rocks forward and backwards when it is in park as I take my foot off the brake.

Experiment. Fill It Right Up With Gas.

Does it still rock?

Run it almost out of gas. Does it still rock?

Should a full or empty tank stop the rocking, the problem might be inside the fuel tank. Some tanks have baffles to stop fuel from sloshing. Some hybrids have a “bladder” in the tank.

You could have a “baffling” problem or a “bladder” problem. See your dealer if adjusting the fuel level in your tank fixes the rocking. Tell them the conditions and let them figure it out.

By the way, there are Toyota TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins have special procedures for fixing complaints.) that the Toyota dealer has that address rocking Highlanders. However, it looks like they apply to rocking complaints at 40mph and 70mph speeds, not parked. Ask about them.