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Brake noise

Hi, I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD. Whenever I apply the brake pedal past a certain point, I hear some sort of clunking type of noise from the front of the car. The noise can be done when braking hard, or even if I am at a stop and just press the pedal down hard. It sounds bad but I have not noticed any issues in braking performance. Everything is stock, brake pads have 60-70% as of my last serving. Does anyone know what this is and if I need to be concerned? Thanks

I think this might be somewhat normal for a hybrid vehicle as the brakes switch over from the regenerative mode to the normal mode. But that is a good question, lets see if any other hybrid owners have the same experience.

It’s definitely not the switch between the regen braking to the normal brake mode. That switch occurs much earlier in the braking process than what I am experiencing. Not sure if there are any owners of the same type of vehicle out here.

There have been a few questions on hybrids from visitors, but as far as I know, none of the regulars who try to help out here have any experience with them. We try to help though.

This could be a problem with brake hardware or anti-rattle clips, or possibly a loose front end component or sway bar link. If in doubt, take it to a good brake and front end shop. There are lots of parts and systems on a hybrid that can be serviced by any decent mechanic.