'High-Tech Collision Warnings, No Matter How Smart Your Car Is'

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/16/business/collision-warning-systems-aftermarket.html Mobileye

Seems like no matter what, they don’t like black cars and can’t distinguish them from the blacktop. Maybe before we’re done they’ll make us people with black cars put those big reflective chevrons on the back like the Progressive Insurance cars have. Then I’m sure the wife would pick a different color. Until then, I’m watching my mirror.

Maybe I missed the point? Sue me.

Why don’t you post an outline of the topic along with your view or position on whatever it is. If you only post link after link of the NYT you appear to be nothing more than a shill for the New York Times.


Besides that I can’t/won’t read any of these articles because all I get is this message…

"You’re in private mode."

"Log in or create a free New York Times account to continue reading in private mode."

Right! Gee… I wonder why they want me out of private mode :thinking:, but is it really difficult to understand why I stay in private mode :skull_and_crossbones: ?


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I don’t have a subscription. I’m not pushing subscriptions. I don’t have the problems you-all have because I browse with lynx, a browser whose accesses nytimes.com discounts. (newyorker.com counts them, so it’s possible.) You can click on the link and save it, then read the saved copy. I post the link in case the topic interests someone. I don’t want to get involved in controversy unnecessarily, which summarizing and taking a position would invite.