High RPM

I’ve got a 1995 Buick Le Sabre with 138,000 miles, the problem is that more and more frequently for no apparent reason the RPMs increase considerably, does not make any difference if the car is hot or cold, from 900 to 2500+ in a matter of a mile or less, when I restart the car everything is normal for a while.

I’ll be damned!!! Mine do does the same thing!!! Not that I got to the bottom of this yet but start out by having the throttle body removed and
THOUGHLY cleaned, including (and I forgot the name of it, I’m an ole fart you know) the little gizmachy thats attached to it that has a connector that some wires connect to. When you take it off, it has a little plunger thingy inside. That has to be cleaned out too. Now, my car still has the problem but less often than before. I’m getting ready to replace the little gizmo thing which by the way we (my son and me) can get for 55 bucks or so but my cost you up to 75 or so, it might be called the “throttle sensor” but I’ll find out and post again here. If you are the one who posted the question, let me know you read this. Good luck, L8R Dude! (or dudette)