High rpm 96 lude

I have a 96 prelude 2.2 vtek is it bad to drive at 4000 rpms highway cause i have no 5th gear

No, just wastes some gas and puts a little more wear om the engine.

K thanks cause i drive highway so im at 4 to 4500 rpms for bout a hr a day

I thought they stopped making ludes after the 70s…

I would try to keep your highway speed no higher than the legal limit to minimize wear. It’s definitely not great to be running high RPMs for long periods of time. I would also use the thickest oil recommended for your car and change it frequently. If you drive like this on a daily basis, it will eventually take its toll on your engine I think. I’d consider getting a salvage yard transmission and swapping it out if you plan on keeping the car. The gas money you save will probably pay for the transmission swap in less than 6 months.

Don’t look at the RPM as an absolute number. Consider it as a fraction of the redline.
If your new cruising speed is about 60% of redline or less, you are not doing much harm other than the above-mentioned gas usage.
If you are running at 70 or 80% of redline, you are really pushing the engine harder than is best for it. You will eventually shorten it’s life, so consider what your long term plans are for this car.

I don’t like the idea of a junkyard Prelude transmission

In my area, almost all of the Preludes led an extremely hard life

As such, I would expect a junkyard Prelude transmission to also have had a hard life