High prices at local parts stores

We have a couple of local chain auto parts stores. They carry QUALITY auto parts at reasonable prices. And they have a well trained staff. Some have been working there for decades.

I’m happy for you, although I suspect there are some lesser lucky folks around.
NAPA is 40 minutes drive for me, unlike 4 minutes for Advance.
Local folks in 15 minutes from me are a joke, inventory wise.
I might agree that AutoZone stocks up a lot of junk, at least from what i see in a store next to me, but Advance Auto seem to have better selection.
One way or another, some “brains application” is always required when getting any aftermarket parts.

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I used to avoid a particular parts store because their prices were a little higher than normal. I’d go for there once in awhile because they were closer. I found that all the staff are multiple times more knowledgeable than the rest. This is extremely helpful, and I don’t think I’ve ever had to return a part for being the wrong part. So I would pay higher prices for good service. Ya don’t save much when you have to make 2 or 3 trips to get the right part. Come to find out now their prices generally match or beat the competition. I rarely ask the price on parts anymore cause I know I’m getting good service.

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In the town next to me…there’s one corner that has an AutoZone, Advanced Auto and PepBoys. Only thing I’ll buy there is wax and cleaning products.

My last venture to buy a part from Advanced Auto was several years ago when I went to buy a front light bulb for my wife’s Lexus. Went to their bulb section and looked up on their chart what bulb to buy. Bring in home and discover this bulb isn’t even close. Take bulb back, and the manager basically told me that those lookup charts are useless. Then why do you have them. They didn’t have a listing for the bulb. Went to my local parts store on Monday when they opened.

George, the first thing I do when I buy a collector car is replace the points with a Pertronix electronic ignition. All the parts fit under the distributor cap, so a car show judge can’t tell I’ve messed with it. They have kits for virtually any engine.

The “blue” you referred to is Blue Coral.

Are you sure it isn’t Blue Streak? They have been making quality ignition parts for over 70 years.

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I do buy online and pick up in store but this time I had looked up the parts before I left home, was meting my daughter for coffee and confirmed that she wanted them. I choose not to have a cell phone, laptop or notebook computer and was irritated when they acknowledged the online price when the location closer to me always would. It was name brand wiper blades, I don’t care what store I get them at.

Could be, I thought George was referring to the wax

I recall Standard Echlin Blue Streak @oldtimer-11.

I think that’s correct, Blue Streak is the brand for the ignition points I recently purchased.

I always (always) bring the old part to the store when I need a new one. Whether I order it online to pickup or not, bring the old bulb, filter, whatever. And, if it’s possible, I’ll install it right there. I hate going back.