High pressure power steering hose

The dealership wants to charge $450 to replace the high pressure power steering hose on a 2006 Toyota Camry LE. I noticed some leaking fluid on the ground. The dealership said the part was expensive and the job takes a while.

Does this seem like a reasonable price?

Which engine? The dealership probably has the highest price on the part (marked up) and then you pay top dollar for labor. Don’t know how long this should take but shop it around. Here’s some parts prices from rockauto.com:

2006 : TOYOTA : CAMRY LE : 3.0L 2995cc V6 FI [1MZFE] DOHC : Steering : Power Steering Pressure Hose Price Core Total Add to Cart
GATES Part # 363390 {Pressure Line Assembly; 16mm Male O-Ring x 16mm Male O-Ring x 9 1/8"}
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$26.79 $0.00 $26.79
EDELMANN Part # 92174 {Pressure Line Assembly}
From Pump (Only 4 Remaining)
More Info
$83.79 $0.00 $83.79
GATES Part # 365554 {Pressure Line Assembly}
From Pump

  • Non-stock item–shipping delayed up to 2 business days
    $92.89 $0.00 $92.89
    ACDELCO Part # 36365554 {#19240947}
    $162.99 $0.00 $162.99

Thanks for the response, the dealer did the work anyway. I called another dealer who said labor alone was $200 and they actually replaced two hoses. Next time I’m definitely going to shop it around first.

Can you even SEE the pump let alone its hose?? V6 FWD accessory drives can be a real nightmare to work on. But why double the pain by going to the dealership?