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High PMS'a

I have a 1994 saturn (5speed manual) that revs really at engine start, this happened periodically in the past and was corrected with a tap of the gas pedal, but that has’nt worked the last couple times.

Was the PMS a freudian Slip?? Problems with the wife??

Or do you mean RPM’s.
How fast is revving to?? At startup it should rev a few hundred RPM’s from normal idle.

Dy you mean “high RPMs?” RPM stands for rotations per minute. PMS stands for something totally unrelated to automotive repair and maintenance.

Does the car have a tachometer? What kind of RPM figures are we talking about?

I thought RPM meant “revolutions per minute.”

If this guy has PMS he’s beyond our help.

“Rotation” and “revolution” are synonyms, so although you are probably right, you are splitting hairs.