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High Pitched Sound in Reverse

I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy wagon. The car makes a high pitched sound when the car is moving in reverse. Stepping on the clutch does not seem to make much difference and the sound stops when the car is stopped. The car does not make a noise (at least that I am aware of) when going forward, although there is a slight noise sometimes when I am going forward and turning the wheel.

Any thought as to what is going on?

Has the noise just started? reverse normally makes a high pitch noise,espically at Smokey and the Bandit speeds.

Maybe a heat shield, motor-trans moves just a bit different in reverse than in drive.
Or is it more like a belt squeal?

I am thinking along the same lines as oldschool.
Did the OP just buy this car?
Did the OP ever own cars previously?

As oldschool stated, it is normal for a car to emit a fairly loud whining noise when driven in reverse, particularly if it is driven fast in reverse.

The sound happens when i am backing out of my driveway - so it’s at very low speed. It is definitly a metal on metal sound - It doesn’t sound like a belt -at least I don’t think it sounds like a belt


Just be to safe and proactive, have the front brake pads checked for remaining thickness. The pads may be almost worn out.

Hope that is what it is.