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High Pitch sound when headlights on

I own a small all-electric car; Kurrent.

When I turn on the running-head lights-rear lights for night driving the speedometer now doesn’t light up and is making a high pitch monotone sound. The radio flashes pulses but does not come on when the headlights switch is turned on. A crossed circuit wire or switch?

My car is very basic assembly.

Also one rear light is brighter than the other when I press on the brake pad. When the lights are on for night driving only one side illuminates brighter when I step on the brake.

Thought I’d ask you. THANKS, jay


Replace the rear combination bulbs (brake - tail) lights. That is part of your problem. I would guess the rest of your problem (I doubt if replacing the lamps will fix everything, but maybe) is a bad connection, likely a ground wire not making good contact.