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High mileage '03 Suburban. What could go next?

Hi all
looking for those w/ Hi mileage experience with the mid 2000’s edition Chevy/GMC pickups, Suburbans, Yukons etc…
I’ve got a Suburban that just turned over 200k. Had it since mile 1, have meticulously maintained it and it is still running great…
I’m wondering what I might anticipate breaking or wearing out in the near or distant future:
–aside from usual maint. stuff, I’ve had tranny rebuilt at 190k, replaced front hubs, tie rods, but that’s pretty much it. Particularly interested in any other drive train related stuff that might go…

Thanks everyone

That’s a LOT of problems for a vehicle that’s meticulously maintained. I didn’t have close to that many problems on my last 3 vehicles with over 300k miles on them.

Ball-joints are another issue that can be problematic with those vehicles. Is the engine burning any oil???

Hey Mike
300k wow, awesome. I’m in uncharted territory at 200k, hence my questions.
From everyone I talked to, I thought I did well getting the trans to almost 200k. Most were significantly less than 190k even…
No signs of oil burning’or leaking, the engine really still runs like new.
Haven’t had any reason to suspect Ball joints yet…

Ball Joints have been a known issue with those vehicles…

If the truck is still running well…then keep on truckin…

I’m curious as to why a meticulously maintained transmission required a rebuild at 190K. if it’s getting it’s 3/30 services, it should still have lots of life left in it.

As for what’s coming up, just keep driving. Your mechanic can usually tell when things like suspension parts (most frequent for bigger vehicles) are getting frail and due for replacement. There’s not much you can do but maintain as it’s supposed to be, and fix what breaks.


As a general rule, a vehicle’s history is a good predictor of its future. Vehicles get less reliable as they age. One that’s had major problems in the past, and yours has, is likely to have even more major problems as it ages.

A lot more information would be needed to make much of a prediction.
We don’t know road conditions or driving conditions.
Highway vs city? Short trips? Rough or smooth roads? Towing?