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High Idle on 2009 KIA Rio

My daughter has a 2009 KIA Rio with the 16V CVVT 1.6 motor. Recently the MIL came on and the code that I retrieved was P0497 (which says its an EVAP Solenoid issue) When the light came on, my daughter would fill her gas tank and every time she did, it would not start unless you gave it some gas while starting. After that, she would not have any trouble starting it until she got gas again. I replaced the EVAP solenoid and the light went out but the check gas cap light came on. She made sure it was tight and the light went off but then the MIL came back on with the same P0497 code plus P0451 and P0457 which are gas cap and another EVAP code. I have checked all electrical connections and hoses that I can easily get to. The other issue she had today was that if she went over 45 miles an hour, it would act like it was on cruise control (even though it doesn’t have it) and when she put it in park it revved up to 5000+ RPMs. I drove it home from her work and it did it to me too. If I shut it off and let it sit, it starts up fine and as long as I kept it at 45 MPH it would not rev up on me. It runs fine and is shifting fine. I can work on the EVAP stuff but I don’t know why it is revving up so much. Thank you.

One thing that can cause a high idle or for the vehicle to act like the cruise is engaged is a faulty idle air control valve.,2009,rio,1.6l+l4,1444128,fuel+&+air,idle+air+control+(iac)+valve,6072