High Idle = New Distributor?


I have 94 Saab 900S. It will be in neutral at 900RPM, then jump to 2000 then nudge its way up to 3200. Scares pedestrians ! My mechanic said there were no vacuum leaks, cleaned the Idle Stabilization valve and said, “codes say that the cam position sensor in the distributor is not reporting properly”. I thought if the distributor is not performing properly that it would misfire, not do I as described above, which is a non-refundable $500 procedure (if it doesn’t fix it). Could mal-communication twixt the cam position sensor and the computer cause this idle behaviour ?

Thanks !


sorry: the $500 procedure I mean to say is a new distributor + labor.


watch the cam sensor on the scan tool,or it can be graphed(REAL TIME,no buffer and watched,many ways to know for sure,find a tech who knows these things.

before you burn 500dollars.

sounds like a gamble to me,and I dont gamble.(maybe you do though.

good luck.