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HID question

2010 Mazda CX-7 GT

Factory HID

I just noticed this morning that when I turned my lights on, the headlights seemed to be dim, but then got brighter after a few seconds. Is this typical of HIDs or could something be wrong?

Nothing wrong, that’s how they work.

Standard. Totally normal. Another reason I hate the loss of reliable sealed beam lamps all in the name of style and profit.

OK, thanks for confirming that it’s normal.
I know it’s going to be expensive to replace when the time comes, not only for parts, but labor as well. The inner fender has to be removed to replace the bulbs, and the owner’s manual(holy crap, someone who read the manual D: ) warns against changing the HIDs yourself due to the high electrical current those things require to operate.
So yeah, this is the one time I’ll agree with ya there Joseph, it would be nice to be able to change bulbs without a contortionist act and midget arms/hands. Hopefully my bulbs will last me as long as they did in my Honda, but I know they’re cutting costs everywhere to keep profits up