HHR's and Ethanol

Hello! Does anyone know if a 2007 HHR LT is factory-ready for E-85 (ethanol)? If not, what has to be done? Thanks!

All you have to do is to consult the Owner’s Manual, as it deals with this topic very concisely.

Usually the vehicle has some sort of badging on it reflecting it’s a Flex-Fuel vehicle. Or the owners manual will say if it’s a Flex-Fuel vehicle. If it’s not a Flex-Fuel vehicle, you CANNOT use E-85 as a fuel.

The reason being, the engine management system isn’t programed to run E-85, and the fuel system doesn’t have the hardened components to tolerate 85% ethanol which is very corrosive.


And to follow up with your second question, if the car can’t use E85 from the factory, the only feasible thing to do is sell it and buy one that can. There is no cost-effective way to convert it.

EDIT: According to this site, the HHR is NOT a flex-fuel vehicle:

I’ve got a question: why in the hell would you want to run your vehicle on E85?