HHR Maintenance lights

My lady friend drives an HHR, and it has begun occasionally issuing a directive to service the airbag, which according to the owner’s guide, does not require maintenance. She thinks that there is a series of brake taps or some kind of Freemason handshake that will clear the warning. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, does anyone know where I tap my nose and how many times to wink? Should I be worried that I’m going to get a delightful surprise from an errant airbag system?

The airbag system needs to be checked out by the dealer. The system is detecting an airbag problem. The airbags will not function when this indicator is on. Do not go to an independent or chain shop, they may not have the right scanner to communicate with the system and all replacement parts are dealer only.

I had a similar warning light on the wife’s Honda a few weeks ago. Honda dealer fixed it for FREE on a 2004 car with almost 140K miles.

Take your car to the Chevy dealer ASAP. This is a possible safety issue. Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Are you familiar with the “Darwin Awards”?