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Hey please I need help!

Hey guys I have a Acura TL 2004 and u been having a huge issue with my car yes of course I’m really tight on cash but willing to pay if I can’t fix it myself but I drove to dallas broke down half ways and found out my throttle body sensor put a code at autozone but at the same same my ig fuse blew and my back left coil burnt out like melted so I did replace it drove a little same excat coil burnt out any tips on what could be happening at the same time I recently got my timing belt fixed any help will be nice thank u new to this all…

When you say “fixed,” do you mean “replaced when the car told me to do it” or do you mean “it broke and I had to have it fixed?”

Because if it’s the second option, you may well have done other damage to the engine when the belt broke and it would be best to determine if your valves are bent before proceeding any further.

The first place I look if coils are repeatedly blowing is the spark plug wires. Bad wires turn good coils bad.

No i had a knocking sounds a little one from my tensioner and got it replaced the water pump belt tensioner no knocking any more and sounds really good but I been working on it today and actually found that who had this car before me spliced the engine coil wire ( positive) and another positive and put them together running all that in one wire

Yeah, that might well do it. My next step would be to inspect everything I could to see what else the genius before you screwed up.

Also, as it’s an '04, if you haven’t had the transmission pressure switches changed yet, do it. It might save your transmission.

Ok yea I sure will check out everything else genius also put different fuses everywhere too so they didn’t blow smh and thank you I most definitely will.