Hesitating astra


any body have any suggestions on how to stop my 93 i.4 multi point injection astra from hesatating when i accselerate. the pump in the tank has been checked and is ok, it has a new fuel filter and the crank sencor has been cleaned. my hubby is getting a little frustrated as he can’t fix it. help please


The problem might be with carbon deposits formed on the backside of the intake valves. So you might want to try a decarbonization of the engine. This can be done with a can of Seafoam Engine Treatment.

Get the engine up to full operating temperature, and turn the engine off.

Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose from the brake booster.

Adapt a hose that fits inside the brake booster vacuum hose and into the can of Seafoam.

Pinch off this hose with a pair of pliers.

Start the engine and bring the speed up to about 2000 RPM’s.

Slowly open the pliers so that the Seafoam starts to get drawn into the engine. It’s here where the throttle must be manipulated and the pliers are opened and closed to meter the Seafoam entering the engine so the engine doesn’t stall.

Once all the Seafoam has been drawn into the engine, shut the engine off and let it sit for a half hour.

Reconnect the brake booster vacuum hose.

After a half hour has passed, restart the engine and bring the speed back up to 2000 RPM’s until the smoke out the exhaust disappears.

Now all the while this procedure is being performed, there will be a great amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust. But this is normal so don’t worry.