Hesitating 2007 Subaru Outback Basic

I have a 2007 Outback Basic that almost always temporarily hesitates (and occasionally stalls)when I first let the clutch out to start from a stop. I asked my Subaru dealer about this problem when I first noticed it almost 4 years ago and I was told that the 2007 model year was the first that featured the computer-controlled electronic throttle (instead of the old wire-controlled type). The mechanic told me that there were a few kinks with this new system, but there was nothing they could do. Does this sound reasonable? I have had the clutch checked as well, but it is fine.

The ECU uses a electronic position sensor to keep track of the throttle position. It really is just a variable resistor. Sometimes the internal contacts get dirty and so the position of the throttle doesn’t change as it should. The contacts may be getting dirty on the low end of the sensor and causing the annoyance.

The dealer should replace the sensor or whatever parts are necessary to fix it under warranty. Even if it’s now out of warranty, you told them about the problem 4 years ago so it should still be covered.

Thanks. I will be going to my dealer next week for regular maintenance and will ask them to clean and/or replace this sensor.

Thanks. I will contact my dealer.