Hesd gasket and lower radiator hose cold

2005 legacy wagon 70000 miles. Smell coming from engine and lower hose was cold. Took car to my mechanic and was told both head gaskets had external leaks. Took car to Subaru dealer after calling Subaru North America Both head gaskets and thermostat were replaced Subaru paid half. Dealer test drove car lower hose still cold Replaced radiator. Hose is still not getting warm. It is Feb in Vermont outside temp. not above 35 . How long should it take for radiator hose to get warm?

The water pump circulates the coolant through the system. A bad water pump with broken impellers can blow head gaskets.

The lower hose isn’t going to get very hot. The cooled water comes from the radiator through the lower hose. Check the upper one for heat.