My Jeep GC Lmited has an alarm that sounds whenever a door is ajar. The indicator for the rear lift gate keeps going off even though it is not ajar or open. It goes off multiple times and is very annoying.

Clean and lubricate the entire latch mechanism. Then see where things stand.

Probably the rear lift gate is not as tight as it needs to be when closed to keep a small button switch completely depressed while you are driving. I bet the alarm goes off when you hit a bump in the road. Look to see if there is a small plastic switch on the hatch’s door frame. If you see a switch, that is causing the alarm to sound.
You can either glue the switch closed, tape it shut with duct tape (probably your best bet), bypass it, or replace it.

YA…look in the doorframe of the hatch. The sensor for the door is either in the latch or in the corner…its somewhere back there. Make sure the contacts are clean so that it doesnt think the door is ajar. Could just be corrosion on the contacts…