I need help on diagnoseing my car trouble well for one it’s sputering I know it’s a miss some were but I can’t figure out were I chafed the spark plugs, the egr vaule and checked the compression. I had some people tell me it could be the fuel pump in the tank and the injecters so if u could please help or give some advise.

No problem, bud, why don’t you start by telling us what kind of car it is, and in what year it was made. From there we can try to figure out what things specific to your car could be causing the problem.

“It is a 2000 Honda accord wit a few perfomance mods
Posted by: Chrisraceing”

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I would like to know if you have a CEL and if so what is the code (like P0123).   Also when was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?

Hey there’s no code poping up and I have no clue when the filter was changed there is one thing though when I do drive it to see if I fixed the problem and when I stomp on it the check engine light starts blinking

A blinking CEL is an indication that there is a major problem.

While a steadily illuminated CEL can be ignored until it is convenient for you to fix the problem, a blinking CEL cannot be ignored unless you are willing to risk bigger problems than you already have.

Unless you are a qualified mechanic, you need to get this car to a competent mechanic a.s.a.p.