Help With Strange Intermittent Starting Issue!

I have a '99 Lexux ES300 with 78K miles that is having an intermittent starting problem. It may take several key turns to the start position for the starter to begin

turning the engine. Usually nothing happens, the dash lights remain on and one attempt at look at the on dome light didn’t show it dimming. One time the starter

sounded like it was slowly turning, but that has not been the norm. Once started there are no other issues.

The symptoms seem to be: If setting idle in the garage for several days and possibly cold (45 deg) it may not start. It will continue to start all day while running

various errands. If idle for a day or two it starts. The battery was initially suspect so it was replaced, but that didn’t help. The alternator is putting out 14.5V.

What are other suspect areas to look at or tests to try. Thanks!

either the starters going, or the key ignition switch is going. if you have a good local mechanic, they can diagnose the problem, and not replace extra useless (to this problem) parts.

I would suspect the ignition switch.

In addition to Cappy’s ideas, it’s also possible that you have a parasitic leak that’s draining the battery. You could have a glovebox light on, a trunk light on, or some intrinsic source of leak.

A shop should be able to measure that leakage current. Or, the next time it happens, try getting a jusmp start. If it starts okay, suspect a current leak.

A good mechanic will suspect the ignition switch as being faulty, from the symptoms; but, he will, also, endeavor to be sure, by checking the voltage all along the electrical circuit, from the battery, to the ignition switch, and any others switches and relays, on to the starter solenoid.
With luck, and perseverance, you may find one such mechanic.

the mentioned lights do NOT dim when the key is turned, and she didn’t mention getting a jump.

the starter turning slow(???) sounds like a starter issue, coupled with the NO Dim comment about the interior lights.

the ignition switch sounds like it must be ruled out, before any further expenditure of parts or repairs are done.