Help with brake maintenance

I just barely took my car to get my brakes replaced, and I had the front pads replaced and for the rear brakes I got both the rotors replaced as well as the pads. On my way home when I went faster than 40 mph, my car started to shake severely when I did not have this problem before I took it to the shop. I do not know so much about cars so what could they have done to cause my car to shake? Also the brake light has came on when I received the car. Also, I got a wheel alignment as well as a lower control arm assemble

At that point you should have returned to the repair shop. Pick up your phone and call them.


If the brake light is on and the car is vibrating at speeds above 40 mph, I’d recommend driving it very little. Like driving it nowhere except possibly back to the shop. I’d also recommend checking the brake fluid and the lug nuts before even attempting to drive it back to the shop.

Most people wouldn’t feel safe driving a vehicle that was shaking severely and have it towed back to the repair shop.