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Help with a 1983 dodge ram with a 225 slant six

i need help.i just got a 1983 dodge ram with a slant six engine. i cant get no spark. i put new wires cap and roter,plugs. distributer. and a new ignition module. still no spark. oh and a new coil. can someone please help. thanks john

Howdy take distruter cap odd have some one turn over motor see if rotor rotates.
What a great motor had old doges with those years ago they just ran and ran…

With a no-start older Chrysler product this is usually the first suspect.|GRPTUNEAMS_347718836___

Google Dodge ballast resistor - I think yours may have one, if it goes out it can cause problems like you have.

I agree with OK. The ballast resistor is frequent cause of a no-spark condition. Yours might look slightly different from the one he linked (wrong vehicle in link).

Check the ballast resistor if you have one. Summitt Racing has resistors listed for the 225 up to 1981, the 318 up to 1983.

Good luck,

Ed B.

distribute turns i put a new dual ballast resistor. still no luck