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1981 Dodge Mirada--smoking ballast resistor

Hello Everyone,

Super slant 6, 100,000 miles. We have a smoking ballast resistor. We have changed

the ballast resistor 3 times.

The coil, distributor, spark plugs,

control box also have been changed. Anyone have any solutions? Thankyou in advance.

Try unplugging the spark control box; turn ‘on’ the ignition; and see if the ballast resistor gets hot. Next disconnect the coil and see if the ballast resistor gets hot. I am thinking you have a shorted wire from the ballast resistor to the coil or the B+ of the spark control unit.

Normally, these resistors do get quite hot…Check the voltage at the alternator output post to ground with the engine running and with the engine off…Perhaps you have an overvoltage condition…