Help with 12-digit VIN decode?


Yeah, one can buy clean mid-'70s Pontiacs (other than Firebirds) pretty cheap. No need to sink money into a rough one, unless there’s some special attachment (which there isn’t here).


You’re assuming I had nothing else to do that day. I was there for less than 24-hours, had lots to do, and it was a moment of “hey, check this out before we go” type of deal…


I think you overestimate the sphere of your control. I’ve already had such thoughts. :yum:


Looks a lot like this '72 Pontiac Catalina:


Pretty sure it’s a '73 Firebird Esprit with the 400 cid 2-bbl engine, according to this site:
You are missing one letter in your VIN, after “87R3” should be a letter designating the factory site.
Here’s an engine bay pic for that year Firebird:

So now you do have what might be a restorable car, depending on the body condition (rust), engine/transmission (are they any good), and the interior (although that’s easier to fix).


I asked and yes it is a 1973 pontiac firebird


So those braces from the strut tower to the radiator support are stock? Interesting.


Yep, they look like an add-on, but they’re stock. Odd that some other Firebirds that year used a different brace (tubes with flattened ends).


We have them on our 2003 Olds Silhouette too.


Yes, I’ve seen them on more recent GM minivans

However, the braces on those minivans are a little more “professional” looking, in my opinion

Those braces in the pictures look like something a teenager would create, in about 10 minutes


Those braces were common on cars with the big, cantilevered noses hanging out past the frame ends. Needed something to support all that weight up front…