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Vin Decoding

I have a 55 thunderbird with these vin numbers P5FH203666 and these numbers on the bottom of the vin plate 40A A A 5EEX390. I have asked professional decoders and tell me my numbers are wrong but these numbers are on the original vin plate and are very legible. Can anyone explain this to me?

The vin appears correct. I googled ‘1955 thunderbird vin’, and this was the first result. Check it out. By the looks of it, you should have the 292cid V8 made in Dearborn, Michigan.

thanks but what does the second number mean the number on the vin plate 40A A A 5EEX390

You might try a Thunderbird club:

Here’s some info: If it doesn’t take you to the page, click on “tbird facts”, then “decode my VIN”. Its the body type, paint, trim, date of mfg., dealer code, and sequence of manufacture that day. Only prob is it looks like your numbers fit a 57 better than a 55.

This one has the same info but better:

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