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Help! Which would you keep?!

Getting married. We have three cars and must get rid of one. Of the two which would you keep?

2003 Toyota Avalon 82,000k (no warranty, but never a problem)


2006 Lincoln Zephyr 50,000 (powertrain warranty, minor problems)

It’s almost a wash to me, but I need to sell one and don’t know which way to go. There are valid arguments on each side, but need your help to make the decision.

Thanks so much for your input!

Which one do you prefer driving?

As long as the maintenance was kept up to date, I would keep the Avalon. With 86k miles, it’s just getting broken in. I don’t know much about the Zephyr, but the Avalon is likely just as luxurious (if not more so), bigger in a good way, has all known and good technology (like I said, I don’t know much about the Zephyr, since it’s an all new car. The Avalon is a larger version of a V6 Camry). The worst thing that could happen to the Avalon would be covered by Toyota’s engine replacement campaign anyway, so that’s another argument in it’s favor. I would definitely keep the Avalon, and likely everyone else on this forum will agree.

I like the Avalon better, but hey, it’s your money! If you can afford both a late model Avalon and a late model Lincoln, then the most important criterion is which one you like best.

Keep the Avalon, do all upkeep and it should go 250,000

Agree, keep the Avalon and maintain it well. When you get to 300,000 miles you may think about replacing it.

If the Avalon has been trouble-free for 6 years and the Zephyr not for 3, then keep the Avalon.

What car is off limits?

The Zephyr is a Fusion clone, like the MKZ is today

The one that fetches more money if all other factors a wash.

The fusion/milan/zephyr all have excellent reliability records despite your minor stuff. I would not consider that much of a factor here aka wash.