HELP. Stripped Tire Lug Nut
↑ that is the kind of nut i have on my Mitsubishi.

  • I have only 3 lug nuts.
    Went to couple of places and one auto shop tried to take the left rear one out but they stripped it. They said only way they can do it is torch it and replace bolt and stuff ($45each? or all? i dont know).
    My dad kinda made a deal with them. >.> i said lets try another place first, so we did.
    We went back to a tire shop we were recommended by an auto part store. There was a different guy from the last time, he was good. ONLY $15 each nut. ←wow. i was gonna give him tip. dad didnt want to.
    He taken out the front 2 in a jiffy. He said he couldn’t take out the last because it was stripped.

What can i do now??? i prefer not to have it torched, just don’t like the idea.

I would take them all off and replace them with simple hex lug nuts so this never happens again. Who needs this kind of headache?

You could try drilling a hole in one of them, sticking a bar through it, and turning it until either it comes off or you break the bolt, but maybe you should hold out for some better recommendations.

Why not? as long as they don’t get it near the brake line (which would be fairly hard to do if they’re at all competent) the torch won’t hurt anything.

This is thick hardened steel…there’s no problem what-so-ever putting a torch to it. It’s used to expand the metal so the bolt can be knocked out.

I think the OP’s objection is to the cost of using the torch, not the method.

Well, it’s kind of hard to follow the way it’s written, but the way I took it, the OP tried his way, with the $15/nut guy, and that guy wasn’t able to get the job done. At this point, it seems the OP can either have the $45 shop get it off, or keep trying to save money by having non-torch-using mechanics keep trying.

I think the OP’s objection is to the cost of using the torch, not the method.

That’s the way I read it…

What can i do now??? i prefer not to have it torched, just don’t like the idea.

Maybe his objection is not the cost, but the damage that may result on his (I would guess) aftermarket wheels. Who would bother with those kind of pretty nuts on standard steel wheels?

I thought there were new sockets available specifically for this kind of situation. I know I’ve been able to get a slightly smaller standard socket that wouldn’t quite fit, and just use a big hammer and hammer it on. You may have to sacrifice the socket, so head to Harbor Frieght, and get one that is worth discarding. Then again, I’ve also been able to use my vice, and punch and a hammer to recover the socket.


Maybe a tool like this one.

Looking at the lug nuts: Those are the style that are sometimes used when the hole for the lugs nuts are too small for a normal wrench. In other words, this takes a special wrench, but there is a reason why they are used. So replacing the lugnuts might not be an option.

There may be a number of ways to get the lugnut off that don’t involve heating - and it would be worth the effort to try those first.


How? For the people that may read this in the future.

I am thinking nut splitter, not like the Green Bay Packer vs Vikings game!

Ditto to what BustedKnuckles said. Why leave everyone hanging?

mechanic just hammers a simple lug nut remover or “screw” that just fits and drill it out.

S. O. P. :arrow_down:

Nice! Wish I had seen that a couple of years ago . . . I had to send away for a new keyed socket–mine was not stripped but I lost the keyed socket somehow.