Help: Saab 95 oil pressure warning



I have a 2000 Saab 95. I checked the engine oil level regularly since the car leaks oil only when I drive the car. This Sunday I checked the oil level again, it seemed at normal level. I drove about 100 miles and oil pressure warning light turned on. I thought it caused by oil leaking and added one quart of oil. The light was on again after 20 miles. I added another quart of oil. I have checked the oil level, it’s not low at all. Actually I think the oil exceed the max level. The warning light turns on every 25-30 miles. I pulled over the car and turn off the engine for a while. The warning light off when I start again. Did anyone experience the similar problem with the Saab or other car? Please give me some advise on what’s going on with the oil pressure warning light and how to fix the problem?

Many thanks.



Take it to a mechanic. The oil pressure may actually be low. This could damage the engine. You won’t know for sure until a pressure gauge is put on the engine by the mechanic.


Yea, you want to get the pressure checked by a real gauge, not the one in the car.

NOTE: Never overfill the oil. Repeat: Never overfill the oil. That can do serious damage to your car. Just adding more oil when it does not need it is a very bad idea.