Oil Pressure Warning Light on 2014 Volvo S60

While driving the other day, a warning message saying that my car had no oil pressure came on briefly. The message advised me to find a safe place to pull over.

The message disappeared after a couple of seconds. I was only blocks from my destination so I was able to get off the road. I turned off the car, waited a moment then re-started. No warning light, and no record of the message in my Maintenance window.

Have any other Volvo owners or mechanics seen this situation? My owner’s manual says it may indicate a faulty fuel pump, or I may just be a bit low on oil. My dealer says Volvo fuel pumps almost never go out so I’m probably either a bit low on oil (easy and cheap to top it off), or the oil trap could be clogged (about a $350 fix), or I could have bad rings and valves (>$4000 fix).

I’d love to get an idea of whether this is a big expensive problem or just another typical car owner annoyance to deal with.

Two questions: 1) how many miles on the car?
2) were you at a stop when the light went on, or driving at a normal speed?

About 133,000 miles. I had just made a left hand turn.
It was a very hot day and the engine had been running for a few hours already.

The 2 big questions…

Did you immediately check your oil level?

And was it low?

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Not immediately. I checked today and it looks to be in a normal range.

The immediate thing you should do is stop the car and check the oil level when you get a message like that. Any other action risks destroying a very expensive engine.

Have the oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge. If OK, replace the oil pressure sensor… it will be out to use the mechanical gauge anyway, might as well replace it.


Faulty fuel pump? I bet it said faulty oil pump.


The fact that you did not immediately pull over and check you oil when you got that message blows my mind.


If you can, check the oil pressure at idle and lets ay around 3000 RPM’s. If you dont have the equipmet to do so on your own, hope that the computer was confused and if the message pops up again stop immediately and check oil level. Also check for past check engine codes as well, it is likely that if this message came up, you might have a stored code.