Help! Ridgeline v. Element

I am in the process of replacing my 2002 Toyota Highlander and have narrowed my choice to the Honda Element and Ridgeline. I like the price, style,and dog friendliness of the Element but am concerned about my comfort on long road trips. Ridgeline is much more comfortable and versatile but not sure what to do with my dog. Riding in the bed is not an option unless I get a shell which kind of defeats the pickup usefulness. Which way should I go - this is keeping me up at night!

Obviously you should get the CRV!

DO NOT get a shell and put the dog in there…Gas fumes will ALWAYS get in…and they are NOT safe in case of an accident.

If you don’t need a pickup then get the Element. For almost the same money as the Ridgeline…look at the Pilot (actually built on the same platform as the Ridgeline).

If you don’t need the Ridgeline’s bed, then look at the Pilot, basically the same vehicle.

Also, don’t think you can hose out an Element - there are electronics in the floor that will be damaged if you try.

I haven’t driven either, but most pickup trucks have a pretty stiff suspension that I would find annoying for a long road trip. Better MPGs from the CRV or Element.