Elemental Comfort

Any Element owners out there who would comment on how comfortable the Element is for long trips?

A fellow hiker/skier/mountainbiker owns one and bought it primarily because of the spacious interior; she can put her bike inside in an upright position.

As to comfort, it’s somewhat noisy, does not ride like a good car, but is easy to handle. She did not buy it for its quietness and comfortable ride. If you are used to econoboxes and pickup trucks it’s OK. If you are now driving a Camry or Ford Fusion, forget it.

“Comfort” is super subjective. What I love may cripple you.

The only way you can know if it’ll be cmfortable for you is to take a few long test drives.

Be sure to take a spin in a Grand Marq or Crown Vic…Then you will have a comfort standard by which to judge the others…

Most bikes will fit in the trunk of a Vic if you take the front wheel off…

Don’t own one but have logged a few miles in one; enough to agree with the previous comments. Honda has a unique versions of the SUV and Pick up in the Pilot and Ridgeline. Think of this as a short bed 4wd PU with a cap and you’ll see quite an improvement over them in ride and handling. They are unique with special high volume light load qualities, but they are very open van like in noise abatement. That can be tedious on trips. I traveled about 100 miles…it was enough.