Help repair

I have a 2001 Toyota Celica gt, and I had a accident on the front of the car. The only things needed to be replaced was the radiator and the Intake manifold.
The car wasn’t drivable for about 3 months, but within those 3 months I was able to work on replacing the radiator and the intake manifold ( which a crack on it). Now that I finished working on the car, the engine turns on but then it shuts off immediately. Everything was replace properly, I just don’t understand. Can somebody please give some advice on figuring out this problem? Thank You

It isn;t possible to have an accident that damages only the radiator and the intake manifold. Something is still broken.

Since the Mass Airflow sensor is so close to the intake manifold, being in the back of the filter box, that’s a possibility, although it won’t usually cause a total shutdown.

There’s a ton of other possible broken things, including but not limited to (1) a crumpled cat converter core plugging the exhaust, and (2) an inertial switch that’s tripped and preventinng the fuel pump from running. These switches are designed to shut the fuel pump off in an accident.

Start with a trifurcated approach:
(1) have another knowledgable set of eyes give it a good look-see
(2) download any codes stored in the ECU and post them here.
(3) check out the inertial switch and it’s reinitializing protocol.