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I would like simple step by step instructions on how to remove my starter motor. It is a 1992 4 cylinder Camry LE. Bolts? Electrical connections? What should I move out of the way, etc?

Thank you.

Autozone has a repair guide for the Camry. You may have to register to get full access. Here is the link to the starter removal page, not sure if it’s for the 4 or 6 cyl engine though.

Ed B.

Autozone Has A Web Site That May Help You.

Go there online and register. Put in your car’s year, make, model, and look at their repair guides. Consider buying a service manual. Many auto parts stores sell them.


This is them
Are you sure the problem isn’t with the battery, or, starter relay, or neutral safety switch, or the ignition switch, or…?

If you are removing it yourself (assuming the starter is the problem), what were the symptoms? If it was itermittant no-start, it might just be the solenoid contacts, a cheap repair. Google ‘Toyota starter contacts’, you’ll find step-by-step directions.