Help please

I went to good old jiffy lube for an oil change. Drove 15 min to my house and it sputterd. Checked oil and it was way to high. Drained at least 3 extra courts or so. REfilled it with new oil now white smoke comes out tailpipe. More so when i hit gas then at idle. I got to make it 2500 miles accross country any suggestions of whats wrong and how i can stop the smoke. thanks

They very likely drained your tranny fluid instead of your oil. Don’t drive this any farther until you get that checked.

My guess is that the white smoke may be tranny fluid being drawn through the vacuum modulator into your engine. How that would have occurred as a result of a dry tranny is unclear to me, not being a tranny guy, but I had it happen on a '64 Fairlane many years ago and never forgot the clouds of white smoke. Coupled with the rest of the facts it makes sense as a good possibility.

Sorry for the bad news, especially since you’re moving cross country.