Help! Please

Okay so my cars rpm in jumping and it’s making the car feel like it’s stuttering also the check engine light will turn on and off anyone know what it could be this is for a 2014 Kia Soul a

Getting the codes read is the first step in finding out what’s wrong.



Whenever the check engine light turns on a diagnostic code is stored in your car’s computer memory. That code number (often begins with a “P”) is what’s needed. Your local shop should be able to read it for you by plugging their test equipment into the OBD II plug, usually located in the gas pedal area. OBD == on board diagnostics. Some auto parts stores will do this for you as a customer service, gratis. If you had a 1964 Ford Fairlane the variety of problems that could cause this symptom are limited. But on modern electronic fuel injected cars the possibilites are endless, which is why the diagnostic code is so important.

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