Help, Piece of plastic in diff

Just changed my rear diff. fluid in my T-100 and while refilling the nozzle on the gear oil pump loosened and was pushed into the diff. I drained it again and tried to fish the nozzle out but but I couldn’t even locate it. Is my only option to drop the drive shaft, pull the axles and pull the third member? Will the small piece of plastic just get ground up and be gone with another fluid change(sans nozzle on the pump)or could it wreak havoc on my rear end? Stupid, stupid,stupid!

Nothing to worry about. The cap will get pulverized and ground up and there is nothing there to block or stop up so drive it a few thousand miles and change it again. LEE

Doesn’t your pumpkin have a cap? Pick up a new gasket, a large screwdriver, and a socket, drain the fluid, and pry the cap off.

If it is like most drop-out 3rd member differentials, the housing is cast as a single piece. And most light Toyota diffs I’ve seen are like that.

The plastic is fine. It’s petroleum-based, too, it’ll grind up and not cause problems.

Yep, drop out 3rd member so no rear cover. This is the only time I’ve ever wished Toyo used a traditional set up, would’ve sucked to pull the cover but it would’ve been a no brainer. Thanks for the info fellas.

Just FYI the plastic part in question is a little nozzle that goes into the rubber tubing. It has a small hook to keep the hose from flopping out of the fill hole while you pump in the fluid, that is until the fluid pressure pushes it out of the tubing and into the diff. I wish I could’ve seen my face when the tube dropped and there was nothing on the end, definitely a WTF moment.