Help overcharged battery

I own a 93 jeep grand Cherokee and it’s been sitting a while and it started snowing and I had the battery on the charge because I haven’t driven or even started it in a month and I went to take the battery off the charge and noticed there was what looked like water and as I started looking at it I noticed it wasn’t water it was that I overcharged it and I need it for my jeep its the only AWD vehicle we have. Is it safe to still use the battery or not what do I do with it?Update the battery is currently reading13.15 volts. Is it safe to put back in the car and hook back up or not?

It is unusual for a car battery to leak if it is functioning normally; however there are tell tale signs that can indicate a leak.

Cracks in the battery casing and visible evidence of fluid dripping from these fractures.

There is bubbling liquid seeping through the cell caps.

The battery is warped, inflated or appears distorted.

If you notice any of these conditions it means the battery is damaged and should be removed and replaced immediately.

Should you come into direct contact with the contents of a leaking car battery, wash the solution off your skin immediately in cold water. If you get it in your eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical advice and attention.

Update the battery is currently reading 13.15 volts I need to know if I can put the battery back in the jeep and hook it back up or not

It won’t hurt to put it back in. If will either work or it won’t. It’s not a safety issue if that’s what your wondering. You are supposed to only do a 12v fast charge for 2-4 hours. A 12v slow charge can take up to 8 hours. Anything over that and you start cooking the battery. When you fry one there is a pungent smell that will come from the battery. If it cranks the Jeep then your good. If it does have a slow leak then the only thing that will happen is that your battery will be covered in acid and anything the acid comes in contact with will be damaged or corroded. Just keep it clean

Put it back in and see how it goes

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I see a little liquid forming on top of my car batteries during charging sessions with the battery charger too. This happens more often using the 6 amp charge rate than the 2. I think it leaks out the vents on the caps. If you have a non-sealed battery (i.e. one with caps), what you are seeing is probably normal. Even sealed batteries may still have vents, so that might be normal with sealed batteries too. If you have the type with caps you can remove, make sure the battery fluid is at the correct level. If not, top it off w/distilled water. Best to charge at the lower amp rate when time allows. Be sure to wear eye protection when working w/car batteries.

Battery acid purging from the vents is not normal, it indicates that the battery is overfilled.

With the engine running that battery will see about 14 volts from the charging system, so I see nothing wrong with 13.1 volts.

Probably got overcharged, get a cranking amps reading test free from many auto parts stores where I live, see how it fares. Some people ice to replenish acid and water as needed, but imhop a new battery is better than band aid approaches.

I think it just boiled some acid out of the vents as mentioned. Clean it off and give it a try. The only question would be if there is too little water/acid in the cells now. You can top it off if the covers can be removed but then it really would need to be charged a little again.