HELP - Need to ID a Volvo 1997 859 Sedan Body Part



I own a 1997 Volvo 850 Sedan. I need to replace a part - but I can’t Identify it.

It’s plastic and it’s attached to the underside of the car - in the front - just behind the bumper. It attaches via two clips to the bumper and two bolts to either side of the car - underneath. It’s purpose is to protect the radiator and the “underbelly” of the engine compartment from rocks and such that would fly up from the road. My broke off on the curb when I backed out of my parking place. I need to ID the name of the part to find one. Can anyone help?


OK - Title should read - Volvo 1997 850 Sedan…it’s late and I’m tired…


the part you are describing is commonly called a splash shield. you can probably get one from a wrecker, and replacement fasteners, of which there’s a large variety of shapes and sizes, from a NAPA store.