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I have a 08 charger. Engine was replaces last week. Since then car has cut off randomly twice once while parking and the other time while on highway. Took back to shop yesterday they tell me fuel intakes and they’ll fix it Monday then they do some more test and my car starts rattling. They tell me noise will stop when I bring car back on Monday but when I get home the noise becomes louder and now I’m scared to drive back to shop Monday? Are these people lying to me?

Pull the dipstick and make sure there is oil in the motor. If there’s oil then it should be OK to run the motor and drive the car. If you aren’t comfortable driving the car call the shop and have them pick up the car and fix it.

There’s oil there I’m just worried that these people are pulling a fast one and gave me a bad engine I don’t have another 5 thousand dollars

Agreed…Stay DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THAT SHOP… Tell them you are not comfortable with what you have been told and you do not feel safe to drive the vehicle. With an engine swap there can be an awful lot of causes of this problem. Not to mention noises… They need to find the issue and fix it. You need to make it clear that what they have told you makes you uncomfortable at best…Scared at worst. Be careful because if you drive and subsequently RUIN this “new” used engine…they can try to turn the tables on you. Stay on top of this shop and state what I mentioned


Since they offered to repair the car on Monday, deliver the car to the shop so it can be fixed. If it is making an unusual noise and you’re not comfortable driving it, have the vehicle towed.

An engine swap on a 08 Charger? I expect that is pretty likely to have some problems that will require help to resolve from the shop that did the job. What you are experiencing is not unexpected. Suggest not to make accusations (to them) until you give them an opportunity to address the issue. Remember its a holiday season and next week the best among the staff there may be out of town and so they may not have the resources to help. If they sound like they are overbooked, suggest just to park the car and use alternative transport until after the first of the year, when the expert staff will likely return. You don’t want the shop’s less experienced techs working on this.

And remember that the shop probably had no way to test the used engine. It likely came from another wrecked Charger. If the used engine is a no-go, then the shop will have to install another used engine, which I expect they’ll do if needed, under the terms of your warranty.

Did they install a remanufactured engine or a used one?

If the latter, was there a clear understanding about any warranty on that engine?

Just my 2 cents, but I think that any shop that does offer a warranty on a used engine/transmission/whatever is asking for trouble.

If it was remanufactured, did it include the heads along with the long? With the heads is known as a “long block” and without is known as a “short block”. The difference can lead to an answer.

If it was a “boneyard” engine, did they bring the ECU with it?

What was the reason for the swap? There might be a clue in that answer too.

But, even if they installed a remanufactured “long block”, the peripheral stuff (alternator, AC compressor, etc. etc.) is transferred from the old engine to the new engine and the mounts aren’t generally checked (although they should be) , and along with the possibility of a component being ready to go bad that also means there’s a lot of adjustments and fitments necessary. The noise could be in any one of these.

And I agree with the others… it’s this shop’s responsibility to get it diagnosed and resolved. If it’s a peripheral component problem, you’ll get charged for the part. If it’s an installation problem, they should cover it under workmanship warranty.

In old days, a charger meant V8. Now u get the crappy Chrysler V6. Also interesting that you see so many chargers with damaged aero body kits. Torn bumper covers, broken headlights and so on. Seems the car owners are pretty scruffy as well. Ah, the dodge magnum wagon with aero kit. Ugh.

No offense to the OP but I thing they ruined the charger when they made it into a 4 door grocery getter .

You can still get the V8 in the charger.

" I think they ruined the charger when they made it into a 4 door grocery getter ."

Would it be a better sedan if it was named Monaco? Manufactures are interested in selling cars, not historical consistency.

BTW the previous generation only came with a 4 cylinder engine so this generation is much better than the last.

IMO it should never have been turned into a sedan . At one time it was a sporty 2 door muscle car with an available 426 hemi and/or a 440 magnum . I owned one back in the day .