Help me revive my first truck I shouldn’t of bought

Early 4.0 engines (like yours) had a known issue with pinhole cracks in left cylinder head. This required replacement of the head whenever a head gasket issue cropped up. If you’ve been driving around with no coolant chances are there is already damage done.

BTW, what kind of a mechanic doesn’t catch low coolant when they are inspecting a vehicle?


This is where im willing to bet I let it slip my mind because when i got it back from the mechanic he told me a whole bunch of stuff we had to do and a bunch of updates on it then something else happened and i was back the next day and I think it just slipped our minds. But I have complained about it getting really hot twice now and they said “well it’s an old engine” So I think it completely slipped everybody’s mind that we had no coolant. It really sucks though!

If the fuel pressure regulator is failed and it is the cause of the excess fuel consumption, then it is probably flooding half of your cylinders with lots of fuel to the point where it is only running on half of the cylinders, and that’s why the over heating wasn’t as severe. It’s like it is running in limp mode.

Has your truck been back firing?

No backfiring just a knock in the engine when it’s cold. What you are saying about the truck running with half the cylinders sounds like exactly this truck though. Now my turning signal just went out and I really don’t want to get pulled over and have this thing taken off the road by a cop so im trying to figure out that problem!

In the other thread you started concerning the turn signal switch you stated you took it to Midas. What did you have them do?
Midas does not have a sterling reputation.

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By your own accounts this POS shouldn’t be on the road anyways.


No its structurally fine just doesnt accelerate well. I have a couple friends who have had their cars taken off the road for aftermarket electrical here in BC and I’m just worried about an inspection. I keep everything I drive safe as possible otherwise it would be gone already.

I was getting my fluids checked out and a coolant flush. I watched them do it and they took their time and were very transparent about the whole process so I felt good about it. What kind of issues can Midas give me?

Chains like Midas and Pep Boys don’t pay especially well and tend to have young, inexperienced mechanics. This is where they learn their trade before moving to a higher paying position elsewhere. Their diagnoses are not what they would be with more experience and they might end up throwing parts at the car. Not all shops are that way. My car wouldn’t start on the other side of town and my insurer had it towed to a Pep Boys. They correctly diagnosed the problem and fixed it.

The transmission is a 4 speed. The 5 speed automatic didn’t make to the Ranger until 1997.

You got lucky with that Midas shop. In my opinion, developing a relationship with a good independent shop is worthwhile.

Another vote for “unload this thing now”.

I had a feeling I was wrong about that.

Ive recently had electrical troubles with it. I grew up a believer so I aint going to hell for dropping this POS on someone else. It’s getting driven into the ground and then scrapped or parted.

I was just at my usual shop today and they had to drop the news on me I got a leaky diff. Hate everything currently.