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HELP ME PLEASE - Dodge neon leaking oil, something's cracked

I hit the curb today, one with the concrete edge they’re so fond of here. It busted a hole through the tire, which I changed and then drove the car home. After Ia few minutes inside, I returned to find a steadily growing puddle of oil under my car leaking from some long piece that runs low to the ground along the front underside of the car. Upon inspection I could see that, where there is a small hole on the side that’s ok shaped kinda like a bowling pin, there is now a crack on the other side where the oil is leaking from. Please help me to understand what I broke and what the best way to fix it is. The car drove home just fine, although it was maybe 5 minutes away from where this happened. Thank you thank you thank you

The oil pan on 2000-2005 Neons are made of aluminum, the impact may have cracked the engine oil pan.

Don’t start or operate the engine without oil. An OEM oil pan is $185, you can find a less expensive aftermarket replacement oil pan. Labor is about 1 1/2 hours.

uh. hopefully you just damaged the oil pan and nothing else. its hard to be sure from your description.

you will have to replace it. not a big deal usually with most cars.

DO NOT DRIVE it until it is fixed, you ll have to have it towed to the shop.

like I said, it s hard to tell from your description.

if you did not hear a tapping your motor is probably ok.

your suspension was probably damaged too, along with the wheel, possibly, have them inspect it for other damage

Is this what’s leaking?

I just talked to a friend of mine who doesn’t live near here so he can’t actually see it, but he said he think I’m wrong about the oil. He thinks instead that it’s just diluted coolant, and that I may have cracked the radiator. I know almost nothing about cars, I have a couple friend who will be around later that know marginally more than me. the leak is actually coming from the corner of this big piece with a very tight wavy grill looking piece which I was advised is my radiator . . . if so is this something that would be equivalent to changing oil or other maintenance? Do I need to go to a mechanic? Could I drive it? Or was he wrong and it is probably oil? Sorry I don’t know much and thank you very much for trying to help me!!!

no - for sure not the drip pan on that link

If you drive with a coolant leak the engine will be ruined in a mile or two. If the fluid or green or orange it is probably coolant.

The radiator core support is low on this car and an impact can push the bottom of the radiator into the engine.

If the radiator is damaged you sould have the car towed to a repair shop.

sounds like the radiator now.

DO NOT DRIVE it. it will ruin your engine if you do.

it should be ok that you drove it a little way home. as long as not too much leaked out before you got home

have it inspected by a pro. for other damage too.

it will cost a bit to fix, but not a fortune

you seem to be an honest girl, which is admirable.

I respectfully advise you to find a class that teaches the basics of car maintenance.

its important to be able to check and maintain your car s proper fluid levels, and do other simple things or the car may not last long.

good luck

As mentioned above, you may have suspension damage. Your alignment definitely needs to be checked so that you don’t ruin any tires. Whoever replaces your tire should take a close look at the wheel for cracks or other damage too.

Sure that is oil of some sort? What color is it?
If so, and if the radiator is suspect now, maybe a transmission fluid cooler line (the long piece as it’s described) has been ruptured.

With an impact that hard it would surprise me if there is no suspension or steering damage.

The tranny cooling line is the first thing that I too thought of when I read the description.
Whatever it is, do not drive the vehicle or even start the engine until it’s repaired. There is not one thing I can think of that would fit the description you posted that would not cost big bucks to fix if you drive the car this way. If you do not, it’s highly likely that the cost of repair will be minimal.

Have it towed to a shop you trust. The tow will be a very, very cheap insurance policy against instantly ruining your engine, your tranny or both.

Let us know how you make out. We do care.

I did not think of tranny cooler , could be that too as they are in radiator area

Now that it is the next morning here is what you can do.

It’s really hard to determine what the part in question is, by the discription.
You might want to post a picture. A close shot of where it’s leaking from and a farther away shot so we can identify it because it’s next to the Knockensplicer.

Before starting your car, or serious damage can occur.

Go to the car with a paper towel and dab it into the liquid and you can tell what color it really is.

Red will be Transmission fluid.

Oil will be black or gray (unless you had a oil change in the last few days.)
You can compare it with the oil from the dip stick on that same rag.

Coolant will be green or pink.

I highly advise that you not start the car until someone can check the oil and Tranny fluid dip sticks, to be sure that you are not starting a dry engine or transmission. Either of these would be at least $2000 to replace.
It would be much cheaper to replace a oil pan or radiator.

If you cannot find someone to help you check these things, have it towed to your mechanic.

How hard did you hit that curb.


I forgot to mention this. If you had the AC on when you came home you would have a puddle of water under the car just behind the front passenger tire but under the car a foot or so.

This puddle would be evaporated by now, but oil, tranny fluid would not.
Coolant would leave behind a patch that is mostly evaporated but slightly sticky.


There`s one other thing that could be leaking and that is brake fluid,but you probably would have noticed a problem with the brakes on your 5 minute drive home.

only if she used them. Remember she hit a curb real hard.
That’s one way to keep from wearing out the brakes.